Who Benefits from using The Shakti PCI Sound Card?

1) Anyone who is using a Desktop, or who plans on using Shakti with one.
2) Anyone using Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7
The Shakti PCI sound card is a refurbished Sound Card from Creative Labs. It has been benchmarked, and can an output up to 36 mG, strong enough to elicit powerful effects for most males (females respond to lower volumes, and males respond to higher volumes).

Using a benchmarked sound card can help you to set your volume more accurately, and can help Shakti tech support to guide you to successful sessions more easily.

If you are using a desktop computer, and you want to be sure of your output, choose this option.

Officially, this card is not supported by windows Vista and Windows 7, but an alternate sound driver (on the Shakti Software installation CD) can make it work under these operating systems. Under any operating system, set your volume only through the Shakti software, and not the Windows Volume control panel (or the Windows Mixer)